Right4 Your Business Hiring Assessment

Date Updated: September 23, 2014

Take the Assessment

Don't have time for an extensive and expensive HR audit, but want to know how you can improve your business? Uncertain about compliance in your business? Unfamiliar with changing employment laws and practices? Take our hiring assessment!

Answer 30 quick questions to critique your current hiring practices and experiences. It takes just three minutes.

Immediate results are delivered in a scorecard format. Your instant results are personalized, based on your responses to the questions, and delivered via email in an easy-to-interpret pdf document.

The scorecard is designed to give you several meaningful benefits:

  • An overall score of hiring activities and outcomes.
  • Affirmation of your positive practices.
  • Details about areas of concern and risk.
  • Why you scored as you did.
  • Valuable feedback with key points and tips.

A $30 investment can protect your business and could save you thousands!

Start Your 30 Question Assessment

Over 50 years of experience in the business world, with an emphasis on Human Resources, went into the assessment and feedback design. The Right4 Your Business Hiring Assessment offers you a quick, easy, and affordable way to assess and improve your hiring practices. When used by a team, comparing each individual's results provides an expanded view of the organization's practices and is a powerful tool.