Products & Services Overview

Date Updated: June 9, 2016

Tools, Resources & Assessments

We have multiple tools, resources, assessments and networks that enable businesses to address their immediate needs and proactively plan for the future. Quick Scans help clients assess current employment practices and identify areas of risk, allowing them to prioritize their business needs.


Our clients engage us in designing company specific initiatives such as performance management systems, compensation plans and structures, job description development, training and development processes, benefit designs, recruiting and retention strategies, succession planning, and other human resource related needs.


We provide general public workshops designed to provide tools and techniques to make sound and legal decisions to hire, motivate, train, and transition employees. Additional topics and custom designed training are also available on a variety of topics such as Diversity and Inclusion and Customer Service.


We help clients in a variety of industries address challenges in their businesses by providing simple, practical, ethical, and responsible advice and solutions.

Leader, Team and Individual Coaching

We are expert coaches and have worked with hundreds of leaders, teams and individuals to increase effectiveness and achieve results. We are equipped to assess needs and design and support specialized leadership, team, and individual development plans.

Team Effectiveness

Our solutions help clients build capabilities in their teams that achieve results through improved individual and team performance.