Date Updated: June 9, 2016

Our consulting business provides numerous services that enable clients to attain superior business performance and results through talent management. We deliver management and human resources solutions proven to increase revenue and reduce costs. We offer:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Workforce planning and talent acquisition
  • Talent management strategies
  • Change implementation and management strategies
  • Individual, group, and organizational assessments
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Organizational design strategies
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Training and development strategies and programs
  • Full employee life cycle solutions from hiring to retiring and everything in between

We believe our clients prefer options from which they can select the most effective and affordable solution that is right for their business. Our approaches are designed with multiple options.

Our fees vary, depending on the type of service or project.

  • Hourly rates for individual, short-term, or retainer support
  • Daily and half-day rates for sessions and workshops
  • Project rates

Each project involves a preliminary meeting to discuss the client's goals. We then provide a proposal that typically includes three options which we call "Tell/Show/Do." Each option offers a different level of service, with a project rate based on the level of service you select.

  • Option 1 ("Tell"), provides our recommendations on how to address the challenges described to us.
  • Option 2 ("Show"), equips clients to address their issues. It includes recommendations, processes, tools, and resources clients need to attain their desired results and leaves the implementation up to them.
  • Option 3 ("Do"), involves us completing for clients and provides additional consulting time post implementation.

Upon client review and selection, a clear and concise agreement is developed for both parties to sign. The agreement includes a description of the scope of the project, deliverables of both parties, expected outcomes, a project timeline, and costs.

Contact us to discuss your unique needs.