Hire ♦ Motivate ♦ Train ♦ Transition

Date Updated: June 22, 2016

Hire - Using our proven Talent Acquisition Strategies

Find and hire the right people


Consider current and future skill needs and necessary budget
Create a job description
Determine wage
Determine where to find applicants

Find Applicants

Publicize position
Target Recruiting efforts
Use multiple sourcing strategies


Review, screen, and prioritize applicants
Conduct effective and legal interviews
Reference checking
Generate a thoroughprofile of canidates

Hire and Close Out Job

Create and extend job offer
Orient to new job
Get back to those not selected
Complete documentation

Motivate - Using our effective Management Practices

Bring out the best in your employees


Getting your employees' best effort
Effective performance management systems
Manage employee performance
Provide meaningful feedback

Rewards & Recognition

Pay for performance and results
Reward for outstanding contribution
Demonstrate sincere appreciation of employee contributions
Recognize and celebrate employee contributions and achievements


Create a culture in which employees are excited to come to work and excel


Keeping your best employees
Reduce turnover
Maintain the right workforce for your needs

Train - Using our successful Training and Development Strategies

Ensure you have the right skills, knowledge, and abilities


Train employees for current and future needs
Orient and onboard employees

Employee Development

Expand employee capabilities
Develop as a leader
Enhance teamwork
Build or enhance diversity and inclusion


Learn new methods and ways of working
Expand technical competence
Stay current in industry


Facilitate shared knowledge for improvement, innovation, and solving problems

Transition - Using our effective Change Management Strategies

Driving, surviving, and thriving in times of change


Define a new vision
Develop an implementation plan
Build excitement


Make the hard choices (terminate, liquidate, reduce, etc.)
Remove obstacles
Maintain the dignity of all involved


Prepare key messages
Deliver difficult news
Anticipate questions and respond with straight talk
Communicate, communicate, communicate


Bring it all together
Instill new norms and patterns of behavior
Honor the past and look forward to the future