Learning Framework Examples

Each learning framework is customized to meet your organizational objectives

Conflict Resolution is the process of resolving a dispute by addressing the concerns of each party, and meeting at least some of their needs in effort to reach an agreement. This course examines the conflict styles associated with differing personality types, and provides the groundwork for identifying and mediating the resolution process.


What is to be accomplished

  • Retain talent and promote a thriving, creative, and functional work environment
  • Deliver quality products and services to consumers


What it will take to get there

  • High performing teams and team members
  • Reduced downtime, leading to greater efficiency
  • Accurate and shared understanding of information is being communicated
  • Multiple and viable solutions are generated


What employees need to demonstrate

  • Effective teamwork, communication and performance
  • Faster and more successful conflict outcomes
  • Personal and professional growth within the individual
  • Reduced confrontational disputes


What the training will accomplish

  • Understanding personality types and conflict styles
  • Defining the conflict resolution process
  • Develop effective, active listening skills
  • Learn to effectively negotiate and mediate conflict