Learning Framework Examples

Each learning framework is customized to meet your organizational objectives

Motivating others can be challenging, because what motivates one individual may not work for another. Understanding the nature of human motivation to enable workers to achieve maximum productivity and engagement is key to obtaining organizational results. This course covers the key factors necessary in understanding the needs of associates to help identify what actually motivates them.


What is to be accomplished

  • Retain talent and promote a thriving, creative, and functional work environment
  • Deliver quality products and services to consumers


What it will take to get there

  • Higher team performance
  • High employee retention
  • Highly engaged workforce


What employees need to demonstrate

  • Improve morale and personal satisfaction towards the job
  • Renewed employee commitment to an organization's goals
  • Reduce uncertainty while increasing likelihood of meeting company objectives


What the training will accomplish

  • Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Recognize various factors that motivate and demotivate others
  • Identifying one's own and other motivating factors and adjust leadership actions to inspire greatest commitment
  • Developing and integrating motivational strategies within business operations