Learning Framework Examples

Each learning framework is customized to meet your organizational objectives

Performance Management involves ensuring all employees are equipped to meet expectations by providing them the tools, resources, and feedback to attain the highest levels of performance. It also involves taking action to encourage, elevate, and reinforce performance, or when expectations are not met.


What is to be accomplished

  • Retain talent and promote a thriving, creative, and functional work environment
  • Deliver quality products and services to consumers


What it will take to get there

  • Employees are highly engaged
  • Organizational performance is consistently increasing
  • Legal compliance is maintained
  • The organization is protected from employment related risks


What employees need to demonstrate

  • Employees are receiving timely and constructive feedback
  • Goals are measured and met
  • Continually developing their skills and meeting or exceeding expectations
  • Employee issues are corrected or the employee is transitioned
  • Employees feel valued, feedback on supervisors is consistently positive
  • Evaluations are accurate, meaningful and helpful


What the training will accomplish

  • Recognize the various aspects of a performance management system
  • Learn how to establish and measure meaningful goals
  • Build skills for providing constructive and corrective feedback
  • Understand when, why and how to use a corrective discipline process
  • Understand when, why and how to recognize and reward positive performance
  • Writing and delivering performance evaluations